Father Malachi Martin and Demonic Possession


The late Father Malachi Martin(SOJ).

        Do you believe in demonic possession? In his lifetime, the late Father Malachi Martin performed hundreds of exorcisms. However, well before he established such an astute reputation for this irritable business, his theological and academic career is the ‘stuff dreams are made of.’ After studying philosophy at University College in Dublin, Ireland, he became, through intensive study, an SOJ (Jesuit priest; if anyone knows how difficult this is to attain, it takes about 15 years of study to become an ordained one, at least in his time)! From there, he conveyed his studies to Belgium, where he studied at Catholic University of Louvain, where he took a doctorate in archeology, oriental history and semitic languages! He commenced, further, on post graduate studies in Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts at Hebrew University in Israel as well as Oxford. Here, he also studied anthropology, psychology, and physics. He also took part in research of the Dead Sea Scrolls and published numerous articles on Semitic paleography (the study of ancient writing systems); he did extensive archaeological research on the Byblos syllabary (this is an undecipherable writing system discovered on bronze tablets from ancient Lebanon). He was also an advisor to three Popes. As one can determine, this man was in possession of an ENORMOUS biblical and ancient background that made him flawlessly qualified to perform exorcisms which he became known for. In his book, “Hostage to the Devil”, he discusses his demonic and terrifying experiences of this often MISUNDERSTOOD ‘ritual.’ I have this book and it is an absolutely ravishing and profound read! (You can purchase it here:(

        In this program with Art Bell, the late Father discusses some of his past episodes as well as his views on church and theological matters. It is a fascinating dialogue to absorb. Take your time with this one, it gets deep! (This video is the 1st of a seven part series with Art Bell.)

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