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        “Those who don’t learn from their mistakes or situations are doomed to repeat it.” This is apparently the case, from the entertaining posts I have read this morning, concerning some of you. 2017 is NOT going to be your year because you WON’T let it. Some things you should “think” about: You are not the only one who has gone through a breakup or divorce; it happens everyday in this world; however, how you choose to get through it is what matters (your case is not original), MOVE ON; QUESTION EVERYTHING; Do what you have always wanted to do in life, NOW is the perfect time, later may not COME; Do not worry what others say and think of you, it is not your concern and your journey is not theirs! Embrace those that REALLY LOVE YOU AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU,THEY CANNOT BE REPLACED (boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives can…sad, but true); Don’t live in the future and don’t sulk over the past; LIFE is all about the moment. Right now is what is awesome. Don’t wreck other people’s hearts, and don’t put up with those who are reckless with yours. Spend time with your parents; when your parents are alive, you think of most of the BAD things; however, when they are gone, you will think of all the GOOD things.Trust me on this! You won’t have them forever! (Keep your old love letters. Believe me, they will always bring a smile to your face and remind you how special you really are! When people are in love, they tell the TRUTH about you, even if the love does not last.) Trust your discernment and instincts because they never LIE; if HAPPINESS does not exist in your life, then create it (you have certainly created enough misery for yourself); Walk away from those who have hurt or disappointed you; if not, they will continue their evil and you are letting this happen; PEOPLE WILL NOT CHANGE UNTIL THEY WANT TO CHANGE, YOU CAN’T MAKE THAT HAPPEN; Don’t look back,THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE; You are exactly where you need to be, even if you don’t think so. You’ll continue to make mistakes, just don’t let it be a lifetime habit; next to your health,TIME is the most precious to you, DON’T WASTE IT AND DON’T WASTE IT ON OTHERS WHO DON’T DESERVE IT BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE REPLACED; as you become older, your life and your struggles will make more sense, and true friends fewer; the most significant moments of your life are happening right now and you’re just too lazy and FEELING sorry for yourself to look. Life is not all about you, it’s all about life.The most AWESOME person in the world is YOU (there is only ONE of you); life is not a PARTY, it is a GIFT and you must live it wisely because it can END in an instant; MOST people just exist, you should actually live; make SACRIFICES and REJECT handouts (you are PERFECTLY capable of digging yourself out of that hole that you threw yourself in, in the first place);SAY A KIND WORD TO SOMEONE EACH DAY, FOR YOU ALONE CAN MAKE THAT BIG DIFFERENCE HE OR SHE NEEDS; STOP JUDGING OTHERS, YOU’RE A DESPICABLE CREATURE YOURSELF; NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A PERSON’S PAIN, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THAT PERSON HAS IN THEIR HEAD AND WHAT HIS/HER JOURNEY HAS BEEN LIKE.

        As I reflect on 2016, I  have amazed myself; I have achieved things I dreamed of as a child. ”The only difference between the hero and the coward is the hero is willing to go for it!” I cannot begin to fathom all of the people (including members of my own family) who said what I have attained could not be done; currently, I am authoring my third book (and in the process of publication negotiations); while they are still claiming I never finished my first! I AM AN ARTIST and many people have said I was indulging in fantasy and myth. Many years ago, a young musician from England was told exactly the same thing. That he couldn’t possibly make a living as an entertainer; that man was John Lennon. Perhaps he said it best: “If people can’t recognize what I am, Fuck’em! It’s all down to you!” Let this be your year and not someone else’s; don’t read about success, create it, right now! Happy Living!



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