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Lorde: Melodrama: The Emergence of Beauty and Battle

        Acoustics, arrangements, and attitude. These acquired ingredients of Lorde’s artistic expression is colorful and mandatory, but innocuous. Using spacey electro-pop designed compositions and exploratory vocals, Lorde seems to be entangled in an odyssey of self awareness and rebirth; it is a time worth waiting on. Nevertheless, Lorde is still encapsulated in solitary development. It appears that this composition paints numerous atmospheres and promotes punctual confusion on its listeners. It is a healthy dose of realism and sovereignty for the composer. Lorde dashes out, in bursting doses, her expression of personal dislikes of her contemporary position. Let us consider a sample of the dynamics of her purpose on this work. In the song ‘Writer in the Dark’ Lorde expresses her discontent with her inability to move on from what appears to me a tumultuous relationship. She writes and says, ‘I am my mother’s child, I’ll love you till my breathing stops/I’ll love you till you call the cops on me/But in our darkest hours, I stumbled upon a secret power/I’ll find a way to be without you, babe.’

        Lorde does not extinguish her romp through the entire album, but she does juggle integrity and revenge in an imposing and mischievous way. At times, she is a street punk turned dancer; she is a repugnant critic turned poetical lyricist. A tremendous conflict of sensation and independence thunders through the plenary of her stygian and agitated circus of commotion. Control and recognition are in high demand in each song. While some of her lyrical melodies are eroded by coldness, the canon is mystically preserved in the camouflage of her wit. Consider her next paen where she explores the possibility of longevity; that is growing up fast. In the song ‘Supercut’ she writes, ‘We keep trying to talk about us/I’m someone you maybe might love/I’ll be your quiet afternoon crush/Be your violent overnight rush/make you crazy over my touch/But it’s just a Supercut of us.’ Lorde, in this scene, is slightly obsessed with superiority and authority.

        Lorde is in a battle of creativity with herself. However, she retains her color and honesty through prismatic and kinetic identity. Her lush and gravitated virtuosity is enthroned on her breathtaking alignment of her own cosmo. She has merged her conflicts with resolution and has partaken in her own vestiture of exploration and branding. Her empirical and burlesque theatrics of looming individuality are honed with her inner spiritual guidance and self appreciating capabilities she has developed about her inward tapestry of embroidered confidence and veneration. Lorde’s nebulous convictions of her self imposed exile is now ready to be harvested into a dramaturgic exploration of refined pulchritude and voluptuous gloom. She is convincing and ripe.

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