Night of the Living Dead (Colorized Version, 1968)

Well, this is the official season for horror movies of which I am a huge fan of! I can never tire of watching this fantastic film that was made right here in Pennsylvania! The movie was filmed in the Evans City (Butler County, PA) cemetery. The Big zombie at the beginning of the film, who attempts to attack Barbara, is Bill Hinzman; he resided in South Beaver Township (Beaver County, PA) that was not far from my residence! He was a nice man and quite friendly and always willing to share his filming experience with his fans! I visited this cemetery many times when I resided in Butler County. It is a quiet and peaceful place (and impressively well kept) than how it is portrayed in this film. There are not many colored versions of this film out there and I think this captures a more of a creepier spirit that, perhaps, lacks in the black and white. At 3:29 into the scene, the ‘brick shed’ is still there. It’s perfect! Enjoy the SCARE!

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