Voynich manuscript: A book of cures, mystery and secrets!

        The Voynich manuscript has encapsulated the minds of cryptographers for centuries; it is hand-written in an unknown writing system that has not been deciphered to this day. Some believe it is a book of magical spells written by a clandestine seer or apothecary; others think it is a book of Science, specifically because it deals with a lot of herbal plants that are replete with illustrations. Still, others think it is a book of Astrology for the numerous references to the Zodiac constellations in it. It is a large manuscript written on vellum with folding pages within pages; it contains about eighteen quires (units of 25 pages) which brings the total amount of pages to 240. Radiocarbon dating places the composition of this manuscript around the years 1014 and 1438.


A detail from the “biological” section of the manuscript.

        What is really astonishing about this manuscript is that it contains both ink and paint for wording and drawing, although it has been demonstrated that the paint was added at a later date than the time of the composition of the manuscript itself. This is truly a one-of-a-kind manuscript. It is housed at Yale University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

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