Who was Buddha?

        Five centuries before the birth of Christ, a young prince set out on an important journey. He would put himself through pain and suffering to reach ‘Nirvana’, the everlasting bliss that all humans wish for. However, his journey was not an easy one. How did one simple man change the course and purpose of the human race? This documentary explores the life and teachings of The Buddha. How much do you really know about Buddhism? What does it mean to be a Buddhist? Much like the other religions of the world, Buddhism is quite complex and expansive. There are many schools and traditions that are still acknowledged and practiced. Not all Buddhists (like the other religions) are in agreement with his Teachings or Way of Life; it has been the product of many centuries of tradition and development that makes Buddhism what it is today. This is an informative and intriguing documentary on one of the OLDEST religions in existence! (Read a story about The Buddha here:

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